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Preparing for Sunday


The Rev. Rob Bacon is the rector at St. Paul's. From directing operations on oil and gas drilling rigs in Oklahoma and Wyoming, to a deep sea diving officer in the Navy, to Deputy Legislative Director for Governor William Weld, Rob has had a diverse and rich career.

Rob graduated from the Andover Newton Theological School in 1997 and has held a number of positions in the Diocese. He served as Associate Rector at Trinity Church, Copley Square, directed Veterans' Ministries and Youth Ministries for the Diocese, served as Priest Associate at Trinity Church in Concord and provides spiritual direction to a number of lay and ordained individuals. And never far from the water, Rob for the past few years has been Captain of the research vessels of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and Port Chaplain for the Port of Boston.

If you would like to make an appointment for a pastoral visit, or any of the pastoral offices (weddings, baptisms, funerals/ memorial services) please call St. Paul's office 781-334-4594 during church office hours.

You can ask Rob what he likes to do for’s pretty much guaranteed that it will include just about anything done outside. 

The Rev. Rob Bacon
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